OFFSHORE <p>New Offshore back view</p>

New Offshore back view

OFFSHORE <p>New Offshore towing patch</p>

New Offshore towing patch



The Waypoint Offshore Plus liferaft is one of the very few, so called ‘’ Offshore ‘’ liferafts, that is made for genuine Offshore Sea conditions (Green water). As all of our rafts, it is built with the highest standards, using the best materials, by people who care about their work. If compared with other makes, one can clearly see the features and benefits of the Waypoint Offshore (quality of materials, larger water pockets, lights, reflective tape etc.). The use of a SOLAS / MED / MCA approved inflation system, the heart of the liferaft, ensures that it will function under any conditions when you really need it.

• Entirely European built in our OWN factory, NOT built for us.

• Superb fabric, U.K. made, HT nylon coated with PU, made in the U.K. ( Almost indefinite life ) complies with the ISO 9650-3 directive for fabric as used for the ISO Ocean liferafts.

• SOLAS / MED/ MCA approved inflation system, made in the U.K. (No other builder in the world uses a SOLAS approved inflation system on their leisure liferaft range)

• Super Light weight construction from as little as 19 kg. for a 4 man in a valise.

• It is constructed with 2 independent tubes, and the canopy is self erecting.

• Double floor with thermal insulation.

• 4 large, (55 litres each) water ballast pockets underneath, make it very stable when boarding and in rough sea conditions.

• Bright Fluo yellow self erecting canopy that can be spotted easily out at sea, which features a large entrance to facilitate boarding even for the larger persons with all their wet gear on.

• External and internal LED lights with lithium battery.

• SOLAS / MED approved Reflective tape on the canopy.

• Rainwater collection gutter.

• Observation window.

• All packed shortly before dispatch, in our U.K. facility, offering to the end user a full 3 year use before servicing.

• 3 year Service period. The Waypoint Offshore is vacuum packed to add greater protection from the elements.

Equipment included with the raft are:
  • Anti seasickness pills (6 p.p.)
  • Bailer
  • Bellows pump
  • Floating safety knife
  • Graduated drinking cup
  • Manual with survival instructions
  • Paddles (2)
  • RORC flare package (3 red hand flares)
  • Rainwater collection bag with tap
  • Repair kit
  • Rescue quoit / ring & 20 m. line
  • SOLAS / MED approved signal torch + spare bulb
  • Sea anchor with S/S swivel and 20 m. line
  • Spare batteries for signal torch
  • Sponges (2)
  • Table of rescue signals
  • Whistle

Available the following sizes:
  • 4 man in valise and canister
  • 6 man in valise and canister
  • 8 man in valise and canister

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